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The Elite Math Captcha module allows admin to add math Captcha in admin area, client area and both


Here you will find the main features of Plugin.

  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Used to prevent spam login
  • Customizable error messages
  • Add math captcha on admin login form
  • Add math captcha on client login form
  • Add multiple custom CSS into clients area, admin area and both

Install & activate the module

The installation of the module is just like any other module installation for Perfex. Login to your Perfex site and go to Setup > Modules.


At the modules page, click on choose file in upload module field. Select "upload.zip" file as showin in below screenshot. After that click on Install button.


If module successfully installed, you will see on modules page. Click on Activate link to activate the module.



From settings page, you can manage the math captcha title, mathematical operations, answer positon, error messages etc..


Acitve / Inactive
Select "active" option to enable Math captcha. If you want to deactivate it temporary, select inactive option.

View Area Type
Select option where you want to display math captcha. Plugin support on admin login page and client login page.

Mathematical Operations
You can select operations you want in math captcha. Initially only Addition is activated. If you want Subtraction, Multiplication or Division then select those option.

Display Captcha as
If you want to display captcha with only numbers then select only numbers. Select number and words both if you want to display combination of both.

Captcha field title
Enter the captcha field title. This will be display as field title.

Answer Position
Where you want the answer positon. Default is random but you can choose any place from 3 places

Captcha empty error message
Enter the error message to display when user leave empty value for math captcha.

Captcha wrong error message
Enter the error message to display when user give wrong answer for math captcha.

Admin Area - Math Captcha

Admin area - Math Captcha

Client Area - Math Captcha

Client area - Math Captcha

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